Tune Up Tuesdays 11.18.14

Gonna be sharing some tunes I'm digging with ya'll every Tuesday. Enjoy.

Something Fun. A-Trak's new cut "Push" is an instant classic. Lively keys punctuate the beat and Andrew Wyatt's High-Octave vocals rip a catch of a chorus.

Something uplifting. This remix by Addal is really well done IMO. Makes great use of space, letting the track breathe, and Christina Perri's vocals are almost future folk sounding.

Something to roll to. Keep an eye on the homie Dr. Fresch, this dude is on the grind. On top of running his own label, Prep School Recordings, He's been smashing out these funky deep house remixes of old school hip hop tracks. Bang this in the whip or in the club when you're building them up. 

Some good house. Higher Self really made a lof of people turn their head when they dropped this track. Really bold baseline, great synergy with the vocals and a classic house feel. Well done.

Something to TURN UP to. If you haven't heard of Djemba Djemba, this dude is for real. Dubbed "your favorite producer's producer," Djemba kills his productions with super innovative arrangements, instruments and really meticulous details that have you going whaaaaa....Check out the sub at 1:00 and the the stuttered drop at 1:37 to get an idea of what I'm talking about. THis track is a bootleg remix of RL Grime's "Core" off his new album. #TEAMSUPREME