Tune Up Tuesdays 12.9.14

RAIN, WIND, SLEET and freezing temps? music will make it better, I promise. Today's Tune Up: Nothing but feel-good, poppy, beach vibes.

SOME brand new tkdjs. super pumped about the release of our newest track, a remix of Ariana Grande's "Problem." Yea so Ariana is huge right now and will only continue to get bigger. We're actually really big fans of her and her music and we felt her pipes would lend well to some deeper and classic sounding house. The production came out super silky and effortless and we thought the funky key stabs and bouncing bassline really paired well with her super positive, poppy and cascading melodies. Check it out for yourself and give it a listen . . . 

Some Jet Life. Been following VICEROY for a while now and he's never failed at producing super bangers for the pool, beach and max relaxin. This one is a throwback to when I first got into him, but still enjoy nonetheless and play quite frequently at gigs. Viceroy's "Jet Life" remix of Notorious B.i.G.'s "Goin back to cali."

*Bonus Points* - Check out Viceroy's latest choon in this dope remix to R. Kelly's "Ignition." 

SOMEthing to Ride Out To. SNBRN is an artist who's really made a big impact in a short amount of time. With sounds that are perfect for beach parties and chill deep house vibes, SNBRN has been banging out remix after remix of memorable pop and hip hop classics. Super on point production with great variation of sounds and a wholeness that has each track feeling truly "SNBRN-ISH." Keep it up Mr. SNBRN. Check His remix he did with Pretty Ricky and 50 Cent below that will have your nostalgia-feels bumping.

SOMETHING Pure and Wubby. 

So very pumped for Panama Wedding, an awesome band that is really coming out in a big way right now. They've got some seriously amazing songwriting skills and their track "All of the People" has had massive success. I really dug all the remixs of this track, to be quite honest, but the one that stood out was Option4's wubbed-out, deep house remix. Groooooves.

SOMETHING Classic. We finish up this tune up tuesday with something purely Classic from the knocks. Made up of DJ B-Roc and Mr. J-Patt, two really solid dudes who work nearby out of chinatown, The Knocks have been on their grind for a while now and it's really paid off. Not only is this tune "classic," an instant classic IMO, but it helped them land a fresh new record deal with Big Beat/Neon Gold Records. Great tune, keep it up fellas.

*Bonus Points* - The Knocks are on tour right now and you can follow along in this diary via Blackbook Magazine.