This one's pretty poppin....

What's up friends/lovers/acquaintances I meet at gigs that tell me they used to DJ 20 years are ya?? Gonna keep this one short and sweet as it's been a busy last few months producing a ton of new TKDJS music and also doing the corporate holiday party gig circuit which is always a blast. Speaking of, DJing for people that just want to have a good time and party during the holidays is what inspired me to make this's chalk full of pop songs--originals (including one of my own), remixes and of course a couple trap bangers. The crowds I've been spinning for lately have all really responded well to the stuff that's more poppy, upbeat and has a ton of variation between house, hip hop and trap and so I wanted to serve that up for everyone to enjoy. Oh, and I know I'm gonna get some heat from my *elite* DJ friends (mea culpa) for making a pop mix, but to that I say f*ck em! Make em dance!

So enjoy the holidays and New Year's with your people...and don't forget to dance.