Get into the mix... recently I decided it'd be fun to put Together a radio show series featuring my favorite new tracks. These Live mixes will be eclectic blends of new stuff I'm digging, from trap to tropical, deep to future house. With a lot of my work being focused on producing TKDJS music, it's nice to have a creative outlet to express other types of music that I'm into other than just TKDJS-style stuff.  I'll put these out from time to time, and may even feature some guests in the future. You can check out the first two episodes of Swellular radio below. The first was recorded live in my apartment (exciting, I know), and the second was recorded live from VIP Room in NYC as an opening set I did for Travis Wild and his famed Animal Party. 

 IN ADDITION... if you're like me and constantly on the hunt for new tunes, you can check out an additional soundcloud I put up, Soundcloud.com/swellularradio. I repost a lot of the newest tracks that I'm digging so if you follow that account you'll get a steady stream of new #Swellsapproved music in your soundcloud. If you're feeling a new jam as of late, send it my way :) 

"Music is what feelings sound like"