I just returned from beautiful Stratton, Vermont where I had the amazing opportunity to play at Wanderlust Stratton. If you're not familiar with Wanderlust, let me fill you in on some goodness. Wanderlust is a yoga, music and culture festival that takes place all over the country from Brooklyn to Hawaii all summer long. The main draw for people is the non-stop yoga classes and workshops taught by world-class instructors and yogis. There's also amazing local and organic food, hikes and other excursions, art performances and of course great music from DJs like fellow Brooklynite Tasha Blank, the yogi music veterans in DJ Drez and MC Yogi, and world-renowned musicians that the ladies swoon over like Trevor Hall and Michael Franti.

While we're on the music topic, I have to give a quick shout to two of my favorite performers of the weekend, The High and Mighty Brass Brand and Jacob Cohen. High and Mighty is like 6-7 people all jamming out on drums, guitar, and some serious brass. Super groovy and swingin NOLA style that makes anyone between the ages of 1-75 dance (seriously, I seen it!) They're out of Brooklyn I believe, so check em out if you're in NYC.

Alrighty, so the next musician that absolutely blew my mind was Jacob Cohen. Jacob actually happened to be my roommate in the artist lodge so we got to know each other quite well. Super chill dude with an amazing talent for improvising on the cello. Jacob brought his bad-ass carbon fiber cello up the mountain where about 40 of us went on a small hike and then gathered over an outlook to hear him play. Nothing but silence, the birds chirping and some amazingly deep, twisting and transcendent sounds from Jacob's cello. Quite the experience.

As far as my experience goes, I gotta say I'm kinda beat up from all the yoga, classes, dancing and hiking (went up the damn mountain barefoot, which was a bit harder than I expected). I also got the fantastic opportunity to play 6 (!) sets in the Lululemon D'Om tent throughout the weekend. Really went in on a lot of deep house, 90s piano house, tropical stuff and splashes of pop and trap to keep people on their toes. The crowd had some great vibes and generously warm compliments, and I gotta say the staff at Lulu and Wanderlust (Bill, Tony and Dana especially) were great to work with and super helpful.

On a final note, SUPER STOKED that I don't have to wait until next year since I'll be spinning the biggest Wanderlust in the country coming up--Wanderlust Squaw Valley. Can't wait! See you there...