Let's Do That Again

Wow so Asia was even more epic than expected. 3 back to back nights spinning at three of Hong Kong's best clubs INTO the Rugby Sevens INTO a trip to Bali for a week of scouting the island and chilling the most with good friends INTO Beijing at night INTO hiking The Great Wall. Seems like such a blur now but at the time I was def loving every minute.

One of those minutes I was particularly enjoying

So most of the stories are meant to be told in person...but here are a few nuggets:

  1. Hong Kong nightlife is wild. It's like New York on steroids: clubs go to 6am easily and you can drink in the street.
  2. People from HK and the cultural melting they have going on is really cool--very different from Mainland China, you notice a lot of the Western and British influence. Very diverse as well which was awesome. Met a lot of good people.
  3. 62 bottles of club Dom is about $94,000. Tip not included.
  4. Bali is one of the best places on the planet. Perfect combination of adventure + paradise. This was my 3rd visit there and I love it more every time. DYK approx. 200,000 expats live in Bali? Also, the gen. population is mostly Hindu but have large populations of Muslims, Christians and Buddhists as well.
  5. You can rent 2 motorbikes in Bali for 7 days at about $30 all in.
  6. There's a US ship that got sunk by a Japanese submarine in WWII and now its a dope coral reef (off the coast of Tulamben).
  7. Traveling is always better w/ friends--old and new of course. 
  8. The Chinese eat most any kind of animal. And they eat the entire thing.
  9. Unfortunately pollution is a HUGE problem in both China and Bali. In China the factories just pump out pollution all day (500,000 people die from pollution in China every year, and in Beijing the pollution is 2.5X the national average). In Bali, they burn their trash to get rid of it, and so the countryside smells like burning plastic. Not good.
  10. If you have a 12 hour layover in Beijing you can have a nice Peking Duck dinner in the city and make it to the Great Wall (go to Mutianyu section) and back in time for your flight. Can't sleep though. 

Ok so before I get to some pics I was finally able to track down a recording of my LIVE SET from LEVELS, spinning as TKDJS. Check that ish out right HERE  and then transport yourself to HK club lyfe.